Jewish Freedom


Freedom is one of the most fundamental notions of Jewish civilization.  It is the cornerstone of our vision and our approach to life.  We believe that without freedom there can be no mission, no responsibility, no creative function in the world, and no moral obligations.

The Jewish people may have been the first to introduce the idea of freedom to the world.  It began as early as the dawn of history –- during the Jews’ liberation from Ancient Egypt.  It was there and then that the famous cry for freedom first rang out: Let my people go!

We cannot possibly cover all aspects of Jewish freedom on this site.  So we have decided to focus on just one facet of the contemporary Jewish struggle for freedom: the Jewish Exodus from the Former Soviet Union.  With Putin showing attempts to reestablish a repressive regime in Russia, and Western Jews, under pressure of assimilation, trying to figure out what it means to be Jewish in these times, the Soviet Jews’ dramatic story has never been more relevant.  In the future, if we have the support, we would like to expand the scope of this site and take on other issues of Jewish freedom.

Dear reader, we invite you to become our partner.  We want you to become an active participant in our project: to figure out what we can learn from the Soviet Jews’ struggle, and how these crucial events fit into Jewish history and the building of a Jewish future.  Please contribute thoughts, materials, and feedback.  It’s not by chance that we have named our site “Jewish –”.  Help us turn it into a thriving network! 


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